Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Toy Talk - The Vintage ESB Wave Collection ROCKS!!!

For those who are very excited about the new Vintage line set to hit in about a month, your excitement is well placed! August 6 is the official release date but I did not feel like waiting so I ordered the entire first wave of ESB figures, x2 Cloud Cars and x2 Snowspeeders from TRU.com as they broke the street date. I just got the figures delivered to my door today super fast (and for free too)! After opening them I can honestly say that they are amazing! Hasbro raised their game here as you will soon see. The Luke Bespin is a really awesome figure, they even retooled his Lightsaber, Hilt & Blaster! For those who are worried about his frumpiness it's not bad at all, just leave the belt on! The entire wave is superb sans Vader. He sucks, but they made up for it by giving the Cloud Car Pilot a mustache. That made him better so I forgive Hasbro for the Uncle Fester Vader! I cannot wait to see the detail on the new vehicles, they should be here Thursday!

If the quality going forward is at this level we are in for a real treat! I took some quick pictures to share. I also put together some quick customs of a few already. It's a custom blog after all, I have to have something related to that, don't I? Luke's head fits on the Snowspeeder body perfectly and I also modified a Leia to make a SA Bespin escape version. If you can get them early too do not wait!
Check them out below and see for yourself:

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  1. I'm excited but I'm still not sure about those Luke birthing hips. ;-)