Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Custom Flashback - The Toxic Avenger! (5/09)

One of my favorite non Star Wars customs that I have ever made was Toxie from the Cult Classic B-Movie The Toxic Avenger! He was made about a year ago and I was happy how he turned out. Can you recognize the head?  How about he mop?

I used some greenstuff over a Star wars Evolutions Palpatine head to sculpt that nice melted look. (The grin on that figure was perfect!) At that point in time I had so many of that head laying around it was just an experiment that kept going. Once I saw it was looking good I went full blown to complete the figure. The rest of the figure was made up of a body from a 25th Roadblock (Some greenstuff was used on the forearms/shoulders for the extra melted effects.), 25th Bazooka legs, SW Order 66 Master Sev hands and some leftover cloth from a Golden compass Witch. The Mop was also a kitbash of a Quinlan Vos head with a Joe Ninja Bow staff lodged in it. Some green stuff was used to sculpt over the face. The toxic drum was from Marauder Gun Runners. Add some paint and you are ready to mash evil in Tromaville!

LMK what you think! I may do an updated version if the interest is there.......

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