Monday, June 7, 2010

Custom Flashback (1/10) - "The White Dove" Female Jedi Consular

As I mentioned in my very first blog post, I like to freestyle customize. What I mean by freestyle is I work with what parts I have on hand without pre-planning on what I am going to make. I mix and match parts until I find a combination that looks right to me. It's what I love about customizing the most, creating my own original figure designs! (It's also easier as you do not have to follow a guideline.) One combo that I came up with became one of my favorite customs that I ever made. It's a female Jedi Consular. Here is the official explanation of this particular Jedi Class:

Jedi Consular – a Jedi Master who was especially skilled in applications of the Force, the Consular would concentrate primarily on the diplomacy and the powers and philosophies of the Force. The Jedi Consular was similar to the Force Warrior with the exception that the Jedi Consular would still use a Lightsaber.

I dubbed this figure "The White Dove" because of her very obvious color pallet. There is nothing groundbreaking about this custom but my biased opinion on it is it's aesthetically pleasing with a simple elegance to it. I wanted a look that has a gentle and strong feel while looing like a Jedi that would consult with Royalty on diplomatic missions. Quoting some of the lame dialogue from Episode 2, she needed to look like she can handle "aggressive negotiations".  I thought this particular custom was worthy of a post from my vast archive of custom figures. Anyway take a look and LMK what you think. WORD UP!!!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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