Tuesday, June 15, 2010

New Custom: Sith Lord of Darkness

Saesee Tiin is a figure that many collectors have come to despise. Just read any fan forum board and you are bound to come across some hate on him from burnt out fans. The complaints are not focused on him being a bad character or bad figure, it has to do with his peg clogging status. He has been shipping quite heavy and consistently for the past few years in the Saga Legends line as well as various Battle Packs. Personally, I never minded it, in fact I really love it and this figure! I have literally used him over 200+ times on customs. No joke, I lost count last year after 200. I have found so many uses for him and have done more than my fair share to clear the pegs of him. I think the head sculpt on the ROTS version is superb (2004 CW was the best) and was definitely a great head to use as a foundation for a Sith Lord. My first Iktotchi Sith Lord was made back in 2006! (FYI - I am working on a Hall of Shame section to showcase my worst customs over the years, he will be in there!) I have made several iterations over the years but the one I made over the past weekend wound up reminding me of  Tim Curry's Darkness from the movie Legend! Take a look:

On some of the previous versions that I made, I have altered the horns before to take on more of an evil and aggressive persona. This recent version was one that was worth sharing, at least I think so. To me, most Legacy era Sith Lords look like angry mimes at the end of the day no matter how menacing they are. I love Darth Wyyrlok, he is a really awesome Sith Lord and truly deserves an official Hasbro figure but he still looks like an evil horned mime. Darth Nihl is pretty cool too, but he really looks like a mime because of his white/black tattoos. My recent custom is no different and also resembles mime but he has some hints of the Lord of Darkness in him. After completing this custom I really want to go back and do the Lord of Darkness closer to the film with Sith inspirations, it may help alleviate some of the "mimeness". As I was posting this, I noticed that I forgot to paint the fingers red to have a cut glove look, I will go back and fix that!

As always, comments and hate mail are always welcome!

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