Jabba's Palace Diorama Shelf Display


Since 1998 I used the craptacular POTF2 3D Cardboard diorama display of Jabba's Palace to house the fat space slug and all of his Muppety entourage. After 12 years I was ready to move on and wanted something more detailed and truly three dimensional. I decided to take a stab at my first custom diorama and truly create a superior shelf display for the almighty Jabba (and my collection). My intention was not to create a 100% accurate floor plan model as that would not fit on my shelf. The model i wanted to create is a truncated version with as many accurate details as possible. In 2010 Hasbro rolled out a lot of great characters including a new Jabba, Throne, Gammorreon Guard and others aliens that really helped motivate me to create and continue to perfect this display. I still have a lot to finish but I will update this page more often as I finish the display. Before we begin I just want to note the following of what left to complete:

- LED Lights throughout the entire display including a light up spit! This will make the display come alive!
- More paint details throughout the entire display. (More grime and wall color behind/in front the spit.)
- More decoration details. (Chimes, Tables and Decor)

Here is the current state of the diorama display followed by the work in progress. LMK if you have any questions. WORD UP!!!


More pictures coming soon!