My Star Wars Collection

This update was massive!!! 


Creating a new room with a display vision....
I wanted to do something different with my collection display in my new dedicated room that stood apart from other collections and do something that has not been done before (I have never seen it done to this degree). I bought all new shelving, new carpet and gave the room a fresh coat of paint that would give me the consistent set up that I always wanted to have. I filled the room with dark colored shelves to replicate a wide movie screen feel as the decoration inside each shelf is what would make my display unique and bring my collection to life. I dubbed it “Shelfpaper”. Using some official artwork and mostly altered screen grabs from the films, I created individual scene specific background images for each shelf. It was a very tedious process as I had to plan out everything that I was going to display, set it all up and most importantly be happy with it. Once that process was finished I had to take it all down so I could size and create/alter the art for the “Shelfpaper” design. Once printing and installation was complete I set up the figures all over again. It was well worth it and I am very happy with the results so far. As always it's ever changing with the lines releases. My collection now “lives” on the shelf instead of just sitting there.

Before we get to the pictures here are some fun and nerdy notes about my collection:
  • I only collect 3.75’’ scale figures. I am a focused collector, it builds a better collection in my opinion. I collect the realistic line with the occasional animated Clone Wars figures if it looks real enough. 
  • Older sculpts of figures and ships are phased out of my collection. I only want the best of the best with a consistent look for my army builders and fleets. (I have gone as far as upgrading my A-Wings with the modern cockpit and my Y-Wings with the modern front cannons to keep them up to date. (Yes, I have OCD with my collection.)
  • In regards to my Troops I primarily focus on movie troops. Outside of a few EU battalions my army is comprised of 90% “on screen Troopers”, I am not into too many “Skittles” squads.
  • I upgraded my entire 30th Tac Tantive BP Stormtrooper army (Sans 4 Spacetroopers) to the new Vintage Sandtrooper minus the gear. I am currently up to 40 and will stop around 50-60.
  • I upgraded my entire Phase 1 Clone Trooper to he new Vintage #45 style. (I only kept a few Arcs and 8 of the very cool decoed Evolution V2 Clonetrooper Pilot.) I am currently up to 55 and will stop around 70.
  • All of the Saga style DC-15S blasters have been phased out of my collection and replaced with the more accurate Vintage #45 Clonetrooper  DC-15S Blaster. I am currently upgrading certain battalions with the new DC-15 Rifle.(All of my Galactic Marines, 327th, White Galactic Marines have been upgraded!)
  • I swap out certain weapons and even heads to create the best version of a characters. (All of my ANH Lukes have the Resurgence head, All of my Chewbaccas have the Legacy Pilot Bowcaster with the weathering detail, etc. As mentioned it's my collecting OCD!)
  • I was able to display about 90% of my overall collection. I have a huge 45 gallon storage bin with some ships that I just could not display. (Not shown)
  • One corner of the room is the “Calrissian Custom Corner” where I make custom figures and have a dedicated section for the smoothest smuggler in the Galaxy and my favorite Beer!

Wide Shots:

Close ups: