Photonovel - Conflict on Kubindi (7/07)

This photo novel started out as a joke between me and my best friend (and fellow customizer) stocos28. We wanted to create our first photo novel using leftover parts that we would not otherwise use. The rules of our photo novel were minimal work, crappy parts and limited paint. We love Garindan and his species so they were the perfect villains for our story. It also helped that we had a ton of leftover Saga2 Garindan heads laying around. We advertised this in our eBay auctions for 5 months and planned on selling the figures in several lots to our "Fans". The result was a mega flop as our loyal followers waited months to be underwhelmed by the customs. They were so crappy, we purposely made them that way but we did not explain this. As I dug up the photos we reminisced how funny this project was and how it's worth showing. We were so inspired by seeing these old pics we plan on making a sequel but this time the customs will be killer! 

In the mean time enjoy the first story as this will set up the story. There is an mini aftermath photo novel that was made right after this debuted. It's coming before the sequel in a few weeks. 
Stay tuned...the Kubaz are coming!!!

Deep in the outer Rim, on the planet Kubindi a dark plan was about to pass. The Kubaz people were caught-up in a civil uprising against the Republic. The conflict began when the Galactic Guild of Historians referred to the inhabitants of Kubindi as "Ardvarkians" in the official galactic records. The Jedi council appointed the Kubaz Jedi Master Suengona Be’Bodd as the lead negotiator. Being Kubaz himself the council thought that Master Be-Bodd was the best choice to lead the mission. Little did they know that he harbored feelings of outrage at the Historians and the Republics acceptance of the term. They would soon find that his appointment was a grave miscalculatio

Sensing the great amount of anger in Master Be-Bodd the ever elusive Sith stepped in and took full advantage of the situation. Darth Corruptus, a Former student of the Sith Academy on Malicorr 5 approached the leaders of the Kubindi uprising and promised them that if they where to side with the Sith to help destroy the Jedi, the Sith would insure that no one would ever refer to them as "Ardvarkians" ever again. Darth Corruptus met with Master Be-Bodd under the false identity of a Galactic crisis consultant. Corruptus revealed his true self to the Jedi Master and eventually turned him to the dark side by promising that swift action to punish the disrespectful Galactic Historians. In addition to the sweet revenge they also promised control of the Geonosian planet when the Sith ruled the Galaxy once more. The planet was filled with tasty bug people the Kubindi loved to eat. The former Jedi Master swore his allegiance to the Sith and will now carry out their sinister plot...

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