Friday, August 27, 2010

New Custom - KOTOR Bounty Hunter Shae Vilza

The first Old Republic game promo trailer is still very popular and still very impressive after 18 months since its release. The second trailer is also pretty amazing, so it's no surprise that Hasbro is pretty much confirming official figures are coming in late 2011 early 2012 in their recent Q&A session. Gentle Giant is already ahead of the market curve as they are releasing their first character statue from the first trailer. The bounty hunter Shae Vilza (the female bounty hunter that mopped the floor with the guards of the Jedi Temple) is their first offering. She looks great and the statue looks pretty sweet capturing her likeness very well! I have tackled a few characters from the first trailer already but I have been recently working on perfecting a Shae Vilza custom figure. In my third attempt at her I think I have nailed the right part combo but still have a few areas that I would like to go back and improve. I think my latest iteration is front page worthy now despite my own critique and desire to improve it. You guys will have to let me know if she is:

While I would love to match her light red hair color so it's closer to the actual character I opted to keep the functional aspect of the figure. That is a must for any custom that I make, it has to be functional and not jut a static statue, otherwise what's the point? I did not want to paint the hair because the paint would rub off when the helmet is placed on the figure. The helmet I used is a little tight and the hair is molded in a very soft PVC plastic so painting was not an option. When I go back to improve her I want to sculpt some specifics next time around on the knee armor plates as. I also been trying to improve my Darth Malgus, I made another pretty much to pose with this custom of Shae Vilza and show scale of this figure. I am very excited that official figures are coming in the next two years, I think these two are shoe ins in the line up. Time will tell, until then I have customs of them ready to go!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

My Contest Winning Collection

Back in June I saw this post over at for a Star Wars Collecting program at Celebration V that would be on display during the show. Renowned Star Wars collector Gus Lopez and his team were running this event. They wanted to showcase how collectors display their collections in unique ways so other fans can get inspired by them. So I decided to enter my collection since my set up is pretty unique, after all, I already had pictures of my collection room that I made for this blog. I sent my submission and actually heard from a very kind gentleman named Todd Chamberlain the very same day, I knew that was a good sign. He also requested a few more pictures, another good sign. I felt very confident that I would make the cut but I never heard back from him after a few back and forth replies. I did not want to send a follow up email since the show just passed last weekend. I figured I would wait a little longer to inquire what happened...

A few days ago I received a PM over at Jedidefender. Low and behold a very kind Jedidefender/Rebelscum forum acquaintance named CorranHorn attended CV. He was kind enough to think of me and has sent me two shots of my collection that were on display at CV! My collection actually made the cut! Here are the two pictures that he sent me:

While I did not expect any prize (it mentioned nothing of the sort), I did expect at the very least to get some kind of confirmation notice IF my collection was indeed part of their display exhibit. Maybe Todd forgot or was too busy (very likely). I am thankful to him for incorporating my collection into the exhibit, it's really cool in a very nerdy spectrum to have your collection placed in something like this. Especially when it's run by Gus Lopez - Star Wars collector extraordinaire! I now have nerdy bragging rights and can say that my collection is award winning (sort of). I am a bit baffled by the shots they chose though. They used my custom corner instead of my main display set up shot. My main shot is so much more impressive, the custom corner is a bit of a hodge podge. I think the deciding factor for them was the Colt 45 Billy Dee Beer light the wall is also dedicated to Lando so I guess I should not be surprised. The other nit pick I can find is that the Jabba and Lars displays in the pictures above are out of date. I have the new Wal-Mart Jabba and Uncle Owen as well as a few other upgrades. Ungrateful you ask, no, not at all. I am a perfectionist, so I can find faults somewhere. I am very, very grateful. I just seek to have anything with my name attached to it be the best it can be, that's all.

I would have never known or have seen this if it was not for the very thoughtful and kind Jason aka "CorranHorn". Many thanks for taking those shots, I truly appreciate it!

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Custom - The Tonnika Sisters

Out of all of the thousands of Star Wars characters in existence none have the mystique of the Tonnika Sisters. While we know all about their official canon back story from the various official source materials, the true mystery behind them is the flat out ban to ever make official figures of them! This is due to an unexplained Lucasfilm mandate to never make them, no company can. Lucasfilm has budged on a few things over the years that they previously said no to, but they have never given an inch on the Tonnika Sisters. Hell, they never even officially explained why either! There have been various conspiracy theories for the "real" reasons, why, some of them get pretty wild and are all over the fan lore map. What really helps fuel this controversy further is that even Hasbro has to stay mum about the reasons. To their credit, Hasbro has been pretty forthcoming with information on various issues concerning the line. Sometimes they even giving subtle hints but even their lips are tightly sealed when it comes to these two. The Tonnika Sisters constantly win fan choice polls on all of the various fan sites but they are usually disqualified because of the ban. It's kind of crazy when you think about it, I do not know a single collector who would not want to add these two Cantina Patrons to their collection. Some persistent rumors say that it has to do with a likeness & royalty issue. Another rumor is that George Lucas and the two actresses had some strange love affair that broke bad, so the scorned flanneled director vowed to never let them see plastic figure form for his ultimate revenge! Yes, some of the conspiracy theories get that tabloid-esk.

Will we ever see official Tonnika Sisters from Hasbro? I would sure hope so but I can only see them being part of the final wave of SW figures ever released once the line ends one day. They would be the perfect swan song to end the long run of figures. With the way SW sells I do not expect that to come any time soon. So how do you add two of the most iconic and requested patrons of the Muppet Cantina to your collection? Make them yourselves or find customizer that will make them for you! Hint! Hint!

Here is the most recent set of sisters that I made. This set also happens to be the finest set that I have ever made! I will make another set but I will try to do a better job on them as I always do with every custom I make again. Enjoy!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

Friday, August 13, 2010

Custom Flashback - Visas Marr 9/09

To date Hasbro has treated us to 5 official KOTOR Video game figures (HK-47 & 50, Darth Revan, Darth Malak and Dark Nihilus) with the 6th figure Bastilla Shan on tap for 2011. It still amazes me the popularity of the KOTOR games years after their releases. It also amazes me how many great characters have not been made from these games. One popular character from the sequel is Visas Marr. She is an interesting character because depending how you play the game she can be a light side or dark side user of the Force. She also happens to be a Human like alien race that has no eyes. She just has creepy flat indent flabs of flesh filled in the eye sockets place. It's kind of stupid when you think about it. They look identical to humans and they look like they should have eyes but just don't. The whole species is like this, maybe it's me but it just does not jive with me. I think with all of the superb talent at LF they could have came up with a better design but that may explain why they covered her eyes and head up. Maybe they realize how stupid this "Alien" design is. It's a half ass alien design that folks who worked on Star Trek the Next Generation would come up with.

(BTW - I love STTNG, so do no misinterpret my comment.)

Despite her species being STTNG lame I still made a custom of her…however I decided not to give her a removable hood just to avoid my self inflicted controversy. I made this custom with inspirations from the concept picture and her actual appearance in the actual game. I took a few liberties with the colors to make her pop more.

This was one of two customs the cool folks over at did an anonymous spot light on her:

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Custom Flashback - Al Bundy from Married With Children (2/09)

I have not posted a G.I.Joe custom in a very long time, so to mix things up now is a good time to post one. The Joe team has covered just about every type of specialist on the roster but I thought there was one area that they did not cover - Shoe Salesman! What better candidate to fill the spot than shoe salesman extraordinaire Al Bundy!  Al Bundy rocks and deserves an action figure, it surprises me that there has never been one made of this legendary TV icon. In order to pay homage to one of my favorite TV shows of all time I had to make an Al Bundy figure. Al Bundy is truly heroic, having him join the Joes is not far fetched as one might think, he saved Earth after all. Al Bundy's notable exploit involved helping aliens fuel their spaceship with his dirty socks so they could stop a huge asteroid from smashing into Earth. Other exploits include punching out old high school rivals at his reunion, escaping a huge bill at a fancy restaurant, posed as a peeping tom to make Peg happy (then got the crap beat out of him) and battled the underworld to track down a vintage Barbie doll that was accidentally sold. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Al Bundy rocks!!!

While this custom Al Bundy is not built entirely of Joe parts I wanted him to fit in that world category. It made me crack up to think of him battling Cobra, I can also see Al outfitting the Joes with their battle footwear. So would you add Al Bundy Shoe Specialist to your Joe team? If so write Hasbro demanding they recruit him right away!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Archives of Awesome Page Update

I have added another 8 customs to the Archives of Awesome! These new entries continue the large list of the 2010 selections with plenty more on the way. Here is a teaser pic of what has been added:

Monday, August 9, 2010

Lando Calrissian: The Blackstar Warrior

This is one of the funniest videos I have seen all year!!! It's beyond words, it's beyond awesome! Just watch, that's all I can say, it will speak for itself.

Friday, August 6, 2010

The Little Differences - Rom Mohc, Tank Sunbar, Generic Imperial Captain & AT-AT Commanders

This installment of "The Little Differences" focuses on how to correct two Imperial figures that both have some big green flaws! I will also show you some very simple ways to add another Captain and two AT-AT Commanders to you Imperial ranks! (If you read carefully there is actually a fourth you can make.)

Rom Mohc
So 2010 saw the release of the final wave of Wal-Mart comic packs. One pack was Rom Mohc and IG-97, it was a decent set as the sculpts were not bad. The biggest flaw of this set was the choice of Rom Mohc's body and color of his uniform. (Click here to see him in his green uniform.) Rom Mohc sported a kit bashed body that consisted of the upper torso, arms and skirt of the ROTS Tarkin with the AT-AT Commanders legs. The real kicker is the color of his uniform, it's GREEN! If you have been following my blog or read past post you know I am a stickler for consistency so I had to fix this. If you have an extra Captain Needa you can literally correct this in mere moments. Just swap the hands and heads of both figures and you can have a proper Rom Mohc that will match with the Empires vibrant color pallet! You do not even have to warm up the parts. Take a look:

Tank Sunbar
What's with Wal-Mart Comic packs and Green uniformed Imperial Officers? (Click here to see Tank in his dirty green uniform.) Repeat the same steps above but this time you will have to use the smash peg warming hit of 2006 Moff Jerjerrod. The Tank Sunbar figure had the same torso as Jerjerrod so it's a clean fit, same goes for the hands. Chances are not bad that you may be able to find Moff Jerjerrod rotting at your local Wal-Mart. If not you can get him cheap off eBay shipped in the $5-7 range maybe less. The only issue is he does not have a cap but you can always borrow one from the comic pack Luke Skywalker in Imperial Uniform disguise, it fits well as it is larger than the standard size hats. You can also get that figure dirt cheap

Generic Imperial Captain
Do you want to build up your Imperial Officer regiment? If you get another Captain Needa and the new Vintage AT-AT Commander just swap the heads and you can add another Imperial Officer to you ranks.

Generic AT-AT Commanders
Now that you made the swap above you can use that extra Needa head on the leftover AT-AT commander body to further diversify your ranks! Are you getting hooked yet? Another perfect fit on either the Needa Body or AT-AT Commander body is the Wal-Mart Evolutions A-Wing Pilot Jake Farrel. If you get an extra one of him he makes the perfect Imperial officer either as a Captain or a AT-AT Commander. He has that nice parted Imperial look.

As you can see the "Little Differences" can make a big difference to your figures! Until next time!

Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Customs - Stripp'n Whipid & Whipid Bounty Hunter

Whipid Good! "Den en enna den"...CRACK THAT WHIP! Now whip it, Into shape, Shape it up, Get straight, Go forward, Move ahead...

Ah, the Whipid species, they look like big toothy Walrus Sasquatch Fish faced things. To date, we have been given two Whipid figures in the modern line: J'Quille and K'kruhk. The first Whipid we were introduced to in the SW Universe was J'Quille. He was one of the obscure back ground losers that most people did not even know existed. That is until our insatiable appetites for these little plastic men became so ravenous that Hasbro starting mining the D-list roster of the almighty flanneled One's extensive universe. J'Quille is a pretty uninspiring and stupid alien that resembled an a bald ragged panhandler. So no one was clamoring to see more of these hairy haggered things. The perception of Whipids changed when Jedi Master K'kruhk hit the EU comic scene. We finally  learned that this species were all not lame looking bald big toothy Walrus Sasquatch Fish faced things. K'kruhk is a powerful Jedi warrior that despite his many defeats he kept coming back for more! In fact, when you compare the two Whipids  you can see that time has not been kind to poor J'Quille. He is a mess. Look at him:

Do not despair, he does have something going for him. At least he does not look like the Spider Skunk with moobs TANUS SPIJEK :

When Hasbro showed off the K'kruhk figure fans were really excited to add him to their collections, he looked great! Unfortunately 2009 was not a kind year to the modern line for various reasons. The EU wave he was slotted in was pushed back and eventually became an TRU/E-tailer exclusive. While a little tricky (and very annoying) to track down I managed to buy 5 extras at TRU that I intended to use for customs. In my opinion, he is one of their finest figures in the entire run of the line. He is also really fun to use on customs, which brings me to the point of my blurb - Whipid customs. I have two to share today.

First up is a Whip Bounty Hunter B'Joirk. I had a leftover McQuarrie Chewbacca Body laying around that I held onto for a long time hoping to give it a custom purpose. The time came to pass and he came together very quickly. I bought a parts lot from another customizer and it had a cool pair of goggles that worked very well with him. There was also some sweet Snoova 90's Blaster rifle in that lot that was the perfect weapon for him. (Hasbro should really resculpt Snoova, it was a very cool concept).

Next up is the lanky and lean Stripp'n Whipid "G'Rwoark". I was making a Wookie Jedi at the time so I had an extra Chewbacca body that was a perfect match with the Whipid head, hands and feet. The long arms really looked really funny with his big head but the more I looked at him he resembled the famous Bigfoot in the footage from the 70's. Once I finished painting him I gave him the Uncle Owen coat and he became the stereotypical looking 80's movie streaker.

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Page Update - Conflict on Kubindi EPISODE 1.5 - "THE AFTERMATH"

The final nine & previously unreleased photo novel images of Conflict on Kubindi have been added to the page. These were from late 2007 about 6 months after the floptacular release of the first part of the story. This takes place a few days after the Jedi Peace ambassadors disappeared. This will serve as the set up for the upcoming exciting sequel!!! We are aiming for a fall release. Are you excited?

I will post a teaser pic from the episode...

100% Picture Overhaul on My Collection Page!

It's been two months since I updated my collection room pictures and it's long overdue. I reshot and replaced every single picture on the page! There were so many changes and additions to the room that it had to be done. For those that regularly viewed it it's an entirely a new page experience! I also made the pictures larger so you can really view the details if you click and save. Just zoom in from there. Here are a few of the changes that took place:

- Reprinted/Readjusted Hoth Battle Shelf to accommodate the new AT-AT.
- Reprinted the Tattooine Bounty Hunter Shelf & removed alcove diorama display.
- Replaced Christopsis Cardboard Package Backdrop with a new Printed backdrop.
- Ceated the all new Flying Snowspeeder Assault shelf. (I tried something new by hanging ships within the shelf)
- Began Droid Army Shelfpaper
- Added a ton of figures & vehicles from the Vintage Line. (Jabba/Throne, Jodo Kast, Vintage Wave 1, Retro
  4- Lom/Zuckuss, SDCC Owen Lars, Snowspeeder, Cloud Cars, Two AT-AT's, Cad Bane Bike, Aurra Sing.
- Added several older figures/vehicles not previously on display including another Gunship
- Reorganized several shelves including a complete overhaul to the closet Hanger Bay
- Added a ton of carded figures to the wall.
- 501st & Utapau Clone Troopers have had their DC-14 Blasters upgraded to the Evolutions style.
- All Clone Trooper Saga style DC-15 Blaster rifles with the Brown Butt have been replaced with all black versions.

Your comments are always appreciated and I want to be sure that every time you view this Blog there is always something entirely new! In this case it's the whole page. Here is a preview picture: