Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Custom Flashback - Al Bundy from Married With Children (2/09)

I have not posted a G.I.Joe custom in a very long time, so to mix things up now is a good time to post one. The Joe team has covered just about every type of specialist on the roster but I thought there was one area that they did not cover - Shoe Salesman! What better candidate to fill the spot than shoe salesman extraordinaire Al Bundy!  Al Bundy rocks and deserves an action figure, it surprises me that there has never been one made of this legendary TV icon. In order to pay homage to one of my favorite TV shows of all time I had to make an Al Bundy figure. Al Bundy is truly heroic, having him join the Joes is not far fetched as one might think, he saved Earth after all. Al Bundy's notable exploit involved helping aliens fuel their spaceship with his dirty socks so they could stop a huge asteroid from smashing into Earth. Other exploits include punching out old high school rivals at his reunion, escaping a huge bill at a fancy restaurant, posed as a peeping tom to make Peg happy (then got the crap beat out of him) and battled the underworld to track down a vintage Barbie doll that was accidentally sold. That’s just the tip of the iceberg! Al Bundy rocks!!!

While this custom Al Bundy is not built entirely of Joe parts I wanted him to fit in that world category. It made me crack up to think of him battling Cobra, I can also see Al outfitting the Joes with their battle footwear. So would you add Al Bundy Shoe Specialist to your Joe team? If so write Hasbro demanding they recruit him right away!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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