Friday, August 6, 2010

The Little Differences - Rom Mohc, Tank Sunbar, Generic Imperial Captain & AT-AT Commanders

This installment of "The Little Differences" focuses on how to correct two Imperial figures that both have some big green flaws! I will also show you some very simple ways to add another Captain and two AT-AT Commanders to you Imperial ranks! (If you read carefully there is actually a fourth you can make.)

Rom Mohc
So 2010 saw the release of the final wave of Wal-Mart comic packs. One pack was Rom Mohc and IG-97, it was a decent set as the sculpts were not bad. The biggest flaw of this set was the choice of Rom Mohc's body and color of his uniform. (Click here to see him in his green uniform.) Rom Mohc sported a kit bashed body that consisted of the upper torso, arms and skirt of the ROTS Tarkin with the AT-AT Commanders legs. The real kicker is the color of his uniform, it's GREEN! If you have been following my blog or read past post you know I am a stickler for consistency so I had to fix this. If you have an extra Captain Needa you can literally correct this in mere moments. Just swap the hands and heads of both figures and you can have a proper Rom Mohc that will match with the Empires vibrant color pallet! You do not even have to warm up the parts. Take a look:

Tank Sunbar
What's with Wal-Mart Comic packs and Green uniformed Imperial Officers? (Click here to see Tank in his dirty green uniform.) Repeat the same steps above but this time you will have to use the smash peg warming hit of 2006 Moff Jerjerrod. The Tank Sunbar figure had the same torso as Jerjerrod so it's a clean fit, same goes for the hands. Chances are not bad that you may be able to find Moff Jerjerrod rotting at your local Wal-Mart. If not you can get him cheap off eBay shipped in the $5-7 range maybe less. The only issue is he does not have a cap but you can always borrow one from the comic pack Luke Skywalker in Imperial Uniform disguise, it fits well as it is larger than the standard size hats. You can also get that figure dirt cheap

Generic Imperial Captain
Do you want to build up your Imperial Officer regiment? If you get another Captain Needa and the new Vintage AT-AT Commander just swap the heads and you can add another Imperial Officer to you ranks.

Generic AT-AT Commanders
Now that you made the swap above you can use that extra Needa head on the leftover AT-AT commander body to further diversify your ranks! Are you getting hooked yet? Another perfect fit on either the Needa Body or AT-AT Commander body is the Wal-Mart Evolutions A-Wing Pilot Jake Farrel. If you get an extra one of him he makes the perfect Imperial officer either as a Captain or a AT-AT Commander. He has that nice parted Imperial look.

As you can see the "Little Differences" can make a big difference to your figures! Until next time!

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