Tuesday, August 3, 2010

100% Picture Overhaul on My Collection Page!

It's been two months since I updated my collection room pictures and it's long overdue. I reshot and replaced every single picture on the page! There were so many changes and additions to the room that it had to be done. For those that regularly viewed it it's an entirely a new page experience! I also made the pictures larger so you can really view the details if you click and save. Just zoom in from there. Here are a few of the changes that took place:

- Reprinted/Readjusted Hoth Battle Shelf to accommodate the new AT-AT.
- Reprinted the Tattooine Bounty Hunter Shelf & removed alcove diorama display.
- Replaced Christopsis Cardboard Package Backdrop with a new Printed backdrop.
- Ceated the all new Flying Snowspeeder Assault shelf. (I tried something new by hanging ships within the shelf)
- Began Droid Army Shelfpaper
- Added a ton of figures & vehicles from the Vintage Line. (Jabba/Throne, Jodo Kast, Vintage Wave 1, Retro
  4- Lom/Zuckuss, SDCC Owen Lars, Snowspeeder, Cloud Cars, Two AT-AT's, Cad Bane Bike, Aurra Sing.
- Added several older figures/vehicles not previously on display including another Gunship
- Reorganized several shelves including a complete overhaul to the closet Hanger Bay
- Added a ton of carded figures to the wall.
- 501st & Utapau Clone Troopers have had their DC-14 Blasters upgraded to the Evolutions style.
- All Clone Trooper Saga style DC-15 Blaster rifles with the Brown Butt have been replaced with all black versions.

Your comments are always appreciated and I want to be sure that every time you view this Blog there is always something entirely new! In this case it's the whole page. Here is a preview picture:


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