Thursday, August 5, 2010

New Customs - Stripp'n Whipid & Whipid Bounty Hunter

Whipid Good! "Den en enna den"...CRACK THAT WHIP! Now whip it, Into shape, Shape it up, Get straight, Go forward, Move ahead...

Ah, the Whipid species, they look like big toothy Walrus Sasquatch Fish faced things. To date, we have been given two Whipid figures in the modern line: J'Quille and K'kruhk. The first Whipid we were introduced to in the SW Universe was J'Quille. He was one of the obscure back ground losers that most people did not even know existed. That is until our insatiable appetites for these little plastic men became so ravenous that Hasbro starting mining the D-list roster of the almighty flanneled One's extensive universe. J'Quille is a pretty uninspiring and stupid alien that resembled an a bald ragged panhandler. So no one was clamoring to see more of these hairy haggered things. The perception of Whipids changed when Jedi Master K'kruhk hit the EU comic scene. We finally  learned that this species were all not lame looking bald big toothy Walrus Sasquatch Fish faced things. K'kruhk is a powerful Jedi warrior that despite his many defeats he kept coming back for more! In fact, when you compare the two Whipids  you can see that time has not been kind to poor J'Quille. He is a mess. Look at him:

Do not despair, he does have something going for him. At least he does not look like the Spider Skunk with moobs TANUS SPIJEK :

When Hasbro showed off the K'kruhk figure fans were really excited to add him to their collections, he looked great! Unfortunately 2009 was not a kind year to the modern line for various reasons. The EU wave he was slotted in was pushed back and eventually became an TRU/E-tailer exclusive. While a little tricky (and very annoying) to track down I managed to buy 5 extras at TRU that I intended to use for customs. In my opinion, he is one of their finest figures in the entire run of the line. He is also really fun to use on customs, which brings me to the point of my blurb - Whipid customs. I have two to share today.

First up is a Whip Bounty Hunter B'Joirk. I had a leftover McQuarrie Chewbacca Body laying around that I held onto for a long time hoping to give it a custom purpose. The time came to pass and he came together very quickly. I bought a parts lot from another customizer and it had a cool pair of goggles that worked very well with him. There was also some sweet Snoova 90's Blaster rifle in that lot that was the perfect weapon for him. (Hasbro should really resculpt Snoova, it was a very cool concept).

Next up is the lanky and lean Stripp'n Whipid "G'Rwoark". I was making a Wookie Jedi at the time so I had an extra Chewbacca body that was a perfect match with the Whipid head, hands and feet. The long arms really looked really funny with his big head but the more I looked at him he resembled the famous Bigfoot in the footage from the 70's. Once I finished painting him I gave him the Uncle Owen coat and he became the stereotypical looking 80's movie streaker.

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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