Friday, August 13, 2010

Custom Flashback - Visas Marr 9/09

To date Hasbro has treated us to 5 official KOTOR Video game figures (HK-47 & 50, Darth Revan, Darth Malak and Dark Nihilus) with the 6th figure Bastilla Shan on tap for 2011. It still amazes me the popularity of the KOTOR games years after their releases. It also amazes me how many great characters have not been made from these games. One popular character from the sequel is Visas Marr. She is an interesting character because depending how you play the game she can be a light side or dark side user of the Force. She also happens to be a Human like alien race that has no eyes. She just has creepy flat indent flabs of flesh filled in the eye sockets place. It's kind of stupid when you think about it. They look identical to humans and they look like they should have eyes but just don't. The whole species is like this, maybe it's me but it just does not jive with me. I think with all of the superb talent at LF they could have came up with a better design but that may explain why they covered her eyes and head up. Maybe they realize how stupid this "Alien" design is. It's a half ass alien design that folks who worked on Star Trek the Next Generation would come up with.

(BTW - I love STTNG, so do no misinterpret my comment.)

Despite her species being STTNG lame I still made a custom of her…however I decided not to give her a removable hood just to avoid my self inflicted controversy. I made this custom with inspirations from the concept picture and her actual appearance in the actual game. I took a few liberties with the colors to make her pop more.

This was one of two customs the cool folks over at did an anonymous spot light on her:

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!


  1. Don't know much about KOTOR, but the figure looks great.

  2. Love this figure, man! Great job!