Tuesday, June 8, 2010

New Custom - Lord Hoth from Jedi vs. Sith

Lord Hoth is pure awesomeness! Lord Hoth was a famous Jedi General who led the Army of Light against the Brotherhood of Darkness during the New Sith Wars. I really like this character because he recognizes evil and knows that you cannot negotiate with it. Knowing the nature of true evil he takes it head on to destroy it! He is a winner, he thinks like one, acts like one and is one. Lord Hoth is not into the "emo" crap of understanding why evil is evil, all he knows is that evil needs to be crushed, even if it means sacrificing himself. He is principled & pragmatic enough to know that you just need to kick it's butt so bad to the point where it will not rear it's ugly head again. He knows evil will not compromise and he will not either. He is blunt, confident and calculated, a true man of action!

In a final battle with the Lord Kaan & the Brotherhood of Darkness, he knew that the desperate losers of the Brotherhood would utilize a thought bomb in an attempt to stave off their defeat. Despite knowing that fact, Lord Hoth went to kick their asses anyway (What a great way to rob your enemy of victory, call their bluff by showing up on their doorstep!). He forced the evil Brotherhood to destroy themselves. That's determination, that's leadership, THAT'S AWESOME!!! Lord Hoth's sacrifice saved the Republic ending the Sith threat for a thousand years! Lord Hoth believed he had the power to end the Sith threat single handedly, and he was right!

If the Jedi Order did not become a bunch of weak willed "emo" pacifists and led like Lord Hoth, Darth Sidious would not have wiped the floor with the Jedi. Think about it, if Mace Windu did not hesitate to kill Palpatine when he had the chance how many lives would have been saved? But no, he had to get all "emo" and think about letting him live despite knowing he should just kill him outright because of the danger he posed. So what did he get for that "emo" urge? A hand lopped off, electrocuted and pushed out a mega skyscraper window to splat on the ground while the rest of the Galaxy lost billions of lives being subjugated under the boot of tyrannical evil for the next 25+ years! So, if Lord Hoth taught us anything it is that you should always utterly destroy evil when you have the chance. If you do, you will have peace for a 1,000+ years. With that said, I wanted to make a custom figure of this most awesome Jedi Warrior.

I hope to one day see an official figure (not likely) of this mega awesome Jedi Lord. LMK what you think, I tried to do him justice and make him look heroic.

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  1. Wow, looks great! I like how you went to detail on the armour, blue robes and facial design.

    There are too many cool figures (I'm particularly enamoured of the Jedi/Sith) that missed out on the Comic Pack line. Too bad market demand is still heavy on the main series line...