Sunday, June 27, 2010

New Customs - KOTOR Armored Jedi Knight Hero Ven Swallow & Darth Malgus Sith Lord

Last year at the 2009 E3 Video Game expo show a CGI promo trailer was shown for the upcoming KOTOR game, it was nothing less of spectacular! Fans loved it and clamored for more, much more. This is what we all wanted (and expected) to see in the Star Wars prequels. This trailer was so good it makes the prequels look that much worse. Even the dialogue was better, just listen to that Sith Lord, he was obviously not that happy about watching the Jedi/Republic get all fat and cushy for 300 years! While I am at it, the scenery even looked more realistic! Just think if the prequels were made like both of the KOTOR game trailers...

Anyway, I happened to watch the new trailer 2 weeks ago and after that I watched  the first one again. I am still blown away at how awesome they are. The armored Jedi are really "Phiggiddy Phat"! Yes, I said Phiggiddy Phat. (Need a refresher of the first trailer? Click here) Once I plopped my rump down at my custom table I scoured my parts bin to make one of these armored Jedi. I have made them once before. I made this Keldor armored Jedi Knight in 2009 when the trailer came out. I made it with a slight twist...wait for it...wait for it...a blue metallic armor tint. Simply groundbreaking, blue instead of green.

I wanted to go back and do a better job on the armored Jedi. I really liked this conceptual drawing that I came across and used that for some reference.

I also pulled some screen grabs to try and get a better look at the old school Jedi. Since I was making this on the fly I was not planning on making any Sith Lords but how could I not make a Sith Lord to fight the hero? So I also put one together at the same time as the Jedi Hero to recreate the epic duel. While not 100% accurate sculpt wise I was happy with the paint schemes on both. I sculpted a new doo on Duke to resemble the main hero from the first video more. The green metallic took some time to get right but it pops well. The pictures really do not do it justice.

The Sith Lord for being made quickly actually came out better than I thought he would. I was not going for accuracy and thought of him as the younger brother of the Sith Lord from the video. But the face really came out nice and creepy, it captured that raw evil essence. To be honest, I actually liked him better than the Jedi.

After creating these two I am now inspired to go back and do them both again. when I do they will much more accurate. I figured out ways to improve on both on that front but for two figures on the fly I thought they were cool. What do you think of them?

BTW - What's up with Sith Lords and breathing masks? Has anyone ever done a study on Sith Lords in regards to lung cancer? They seem to be very prone to it.

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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  1. Dude you are really good at making customs! I've seen some customs but never as detailed and perfect as these! Are you interested in selling any of them? I am definitely interested, esp in the sith lord.

    if so hit me up at