Sunday, June 20, 2010

"The Little Differences" - SA Pilot Biggs and Pilot Jaina Solo

In this weeks "Little Differences" segment we are going to focus on one of the most requested C-listers in the SW universe - Biggs Darklighter! Are we satisfied with what figures we have of him yet not to have another released? Well, I am not. However, I have found a way to be. So much so that I would be fine with Hasbro never releasing him again!

2007 gave us two new Biggs figures, the much desired Academy Jacket Biggs and an X-Wing pilot upgrade. Both of these figures sported unique head sculpts. The 30th TAC Pilot Biggs was a step in the right upgrade direction from his 1997 POTF2 counterpart. This time, he had the modern removable Helmet on the much improved Dutch Vander Pilot Body, so it felt like he was done with.  In 2008 we were treated to yet another Biggs, this time in a Tie Pilot outfit from the EU comics. By far, this was the best head sculpt of the three modern Biggs. So, if you have the two Tac Biggs and the Evolutions one you have three different head sculpts!  The TAC Academy Biggs and the Evolutions Imperial Biggs heads look fairly close to each other so they look good together. The TAC X-Wing Biggs had the weakest head sculpt of the three, it was also the largest to compensate for the Dutch body. (If you have been following my Blog you know I like consistency with my figures so this irritated my OCD tendency towards that.

In 2009 we were treated to a new, taller and better sculpted X-Wing Pilot Body. This pretty much rendered the Dutch Vander body to an "outdated status". I really like Biggs and wanted to experiment with head swapping on this new pilot body to upgrade him to SA status. The evolutions Tie Pilot Biggs head fits so perfectly on the new X-Wing pilot body it's amazing. The TAC Pilot Biggs helmet fits perfectly on that head so it's a perfect storm! This head swap can actually pass for an official figure, just look at the pictures:

Check him out next to the other versions of Biggs. By swapping these parts not only do you create the perfect X-wing Pilot Biggs you create consistency in your collection! Why wait for Hasbro to bring out this one when you can have him now! Now sing along like you are singing the 70's Flash Gordon theme:

"Stash! AAH-AAH! Defender of the Universe!!!"

Rogue Squadron Jaina Solo
I wanted to show another simple head swap to create a version of Jaina Solo in X-Wing Pilot gear. If you are lucky to find multiple Jainas this is a great way to create a cool variation. Her head fits perfectly on the female pilot body and I am sure many of you have extra Pilot Luke to borrow a helmet from. One other aspect on Jaina that I upgraded was her Lightsaber (Not shown below). The Legacy Jaina's lightsaber was too pinkish and not purple as depicted in the novels. If you have an extra, Darth Banes Lightsaber it is perfect and helps make Jaina more accurate. (BTW - The Comic pack Fri-Adi-Mundi lightsaber also works too!)

As you can see the "Little Differences" can make a big difference to your figures! Until next time!  Next week will be a special Little Difference, I will focus on vehicles for the first time!

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