Friday, June 4, 2010

Custom Flashback - Ackmena (1/10)

One of my top 5 most wanted Star Wars figures hails from the very atrocious (and very 70's cliche) Star Wars Holiday Special. Even for a die hard fan like myself, this monstrosity is very painful to watch! The best scenes of it were the cartoon and the Cantina sequence. I think the latter because of Ackmena and the former because of  Boba Fett. Thanks to Bea Aurther she made this show somewhat bearable to view, she is just too frigging awesome! She was always a strong actress who looked like she could kick alien ass if need be (Watch Maud or Golden Girls, she is tough as nails!). It turns out that she was actually a US Marine in real life! When you think about it, it was obvious in her character performances. The gruff and gritty Ackmena seemed like she could handle a bar full of drunk galactic Muppets, yet still show the human compassion to make her relatable. Read more about Ackmena here.

While she is a super obscure character, she does rank fairly high in the various fan site figure request polls over the past few years. Despite thatfact,  Hasbro seems like they arevery intent on avoiding her. They took the same stance on Willrow hood and he eventually was made, so I still hold out hope of an official figure one day. Until then, I needed an Ackmena in my Cantina to sing to cheap looking aliens! Here is what I came up with:

I think she turned out pretty cool and I intend to go back to perfect her one day!

Formula Fun:
Body and upper arms: Wisolea
Fore Arms: Marris Brood.
Head: G.I.Joe Comic Pack Zarana
Pony Tail: POTC Pirate Elizabeth Swan
Legs: I forget
Scarf: IJ TOD Thuggee Brute
Skirt: Legacy Agen Kolar
Dress Skirt: ROTS Shaak Ti
Coat: TAC Yoda Kybuck
Belt: Leftover cloth from Evolutions Mandolore
Wrist Band: Legacy Slave Leia Chain

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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