Wednesday, June 2, 2010

New Custom - Kashyyyk Escape Quinlan Vos

One of my favorite Star Wars EU characters is Quilan Vos. He is one, if not thee, most well received non movie Jedi in the comics. (He is set to make an appearance in Clone Wars season 3!) In the comics he gets ambushed during Order 66 by his Clone Troopers. Bruised and bloody he escapes in the dense Jungles of Kashyyyk while taking out some of his traitorous battalion. 

I made a few versions of Kahyyyk Quin but this time around I made some tweaks so he has a more all around adventure use with some soft goods to cover him up. Going in this route made him more versatile so it's he is not overly scene specific. Quinlan Vos always sported a thick five o' clock shadow and was pretty agile. Hasbro did a fairly nice job on their second Quin but used the same POTF2 1995 style legs and left out the scruff. Hopefully we will get the perfect Quinlan Vos figure one day from Hasbro. Until then I will take matters into my own hands. Here is my recent creation, enjoy!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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