Friday, June 11, 2010

New Custom - Sexy Stormtrooper Convention Fan Girl

As a collector and product designer I really  love going to comic/toy conventions. After all, I am sure 99.9% of anyone reading this Blog does too!  They are a great for:

- Design inspiration. (Especially when you see new products first hand!)
- Finding new toys… inflated prices (Usually sold by some bearded, hot rod flame shirt/white sneaker wearing middle aged man. They also happen collect Hot Wheels cars.)
- Finding rare toys from the nice seller at a really dirt cheap price! (The tables where they hawk their various wares are usually very disorganized with littered dusty product. This dust is no ordinary dust mind you, it's from the 100's of flea markets that they were dragged through. Most took place in converted animal pens!)
- Filling holes in your collection, as well as finding stuff you did not know you were looking for!
- Hanging with your friends!
- Seeing how disappointing and old your child hood heroes have become signing autographs for $20. (The true sadness kicks in when you see them sitting around for hours with no one asking for their autograph! I cringe every time!)
- Seeing costumed fans roaming the halls!

All of this brings me to my next custom. I had a leftover female Imperial Stormtrooper body sitting around my parts bin for quite some time. I had a few ideas to really alter this figure but I never got inspired enough to do anything with it at the time. As I came across it recently, I wanted to get rid of it to clear out my parts inventory. I thought it would look cool in a metallic pink. As I was painting it, I had flashbacks going through my head of the various conventions that I have been to. Instead of making this a generic character from the "real" SW universe (although it could still pass for one) I thought it would be more fun to make it a "Tokyo Popish" Fangirl in her custom Stormtrooper armor complete with shades, a Lightsaber and a blaster. There is nothing ground breaking here but she turned out nice for a simple repaint. The pictures do not do her justice as I put in some nice weathering and washes.(I really need better lighting!) I even made a cheap "real life" Photoshop picture to accompany her. Looking back at this custom now, I will do an open belly version like the picture. I thought this was worth sharing, what do you think?.

As always, comments, hate mail and nerd convention pictures are always welcome!

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