Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Custom Flashback - Tom Selleck, Magnum P.I.

Tom Selleck has the greatest mustache ever! There is just no disputing it. I am also inclined to mention the might of Kenny Rogers beard. He has the greatest beard ever! Man, just imagine if the two greatest super powers of facial hair in our time did a Western team up flick together: "Butch Stashsidy.& The Sundance Beard". That would have been a righteous movie! Now, onto the custom......

In an age where a mustache on a man is shunned and mocked, only Tom Selleck can still pull it off looking tough! No one mocks Selleck, not even Satan. If you did not know, he took on Satan and his daughters. Magnum P.I. was an awesome T.V. show which really made him famous. When that stache showed up on the scene the bad guys knew they were in trouble and the ladies could not resist themselves to its alluring power! For a brief time, I was dabbling in G.I.Joe customs and was inspired after watching a random episode of Magnum smiting evil. I created the first 25th Magnum in February 2009 that I posted on He was a big hit. By popular request I have made him several times with different colored shirts to keep them unique. (He was even copied by another customizer with a Gung-Ho head and a really poorly sculpted hair. You know who you are MAS!). The last one I made was this past February for a 1 year anniversary tribute. I am planning on going back to make him again very soon. After seeing these pics I see a lot of areas that I can do better job on. Here is the first Magnum P.I. and the most recent version I created:

As you can see from the first one I trimmed his signature facial hair and got it just right. I thought these customs were worth sharing. If you disagree, well I cannot help you as it's already posted. I can however post your hate comments. Look for a new Magnum soon!

As always, comments and hate mail are always welcome!


  1. wow i love this man, especially how detailed his outfit is! nice job :D

  2. Thanks bro, I really appreciate the feedback!