Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New customs - Naga Sadow & Marka Ragnos v2

As promised in my previous Marka Ragnos post, I mentioned that I was going to make Naga Sadow next so I could make fun of the character. Well, I am making good on that promise! I even made another Mumm-Ra, I mean Marka Ragnos to accompany the mighty Naga Sadow! Naga Sadow, that really is an "interesting" name...I suppose. Apparently, all of the back-in-the-day Sith had a thing for Egyptian flare. If you look at their costume and temple designs as depicted in the various artwork images, they are carbon copies of ancient Egyptian designs with little to no difference! I guess that works, but couldn't they have at least gave the designs a little more of a Star Wars twist? In the end, I am not too bothered by that aspect. Ancient Egypt does a mysterious allure about it so it plays well enough when incorporating it with the Sith Empire.

What does bother me in regards to these ancient Sith are their extra skin flaps located on both sides of their cheeks! Can you imagine eating soup or cereal with those flaps dangling from your face?

(My  Bother would really have serious issues with this had he been a Sith. He does not like the concept of soup or cereal as it stands now. If he had cheek flaps like that he would really have issues with the concept. Maybe if he had a soup straw…)

Naga Sadow suffers from some consistency issues with his depictions like so many other Star Wars characters. Some artwork has him portrayed as a normal human Male with hairy legs and the others have him with a more alien appearance with those nasty fleshy facial flaps. One thing you have to give Star Trek is that they were much tighter on their continuity front, Star Wars seems to have a lot of issues with this. Perhaps the blame can be laid at the feet of the Almighty Bearded One. He is known for updating the films every few years so maybe he has unintentionally installed a mindset of "Make it up as you go along" among all of the LFL departments. Contrary to what you may think, I can honestly say that I prefer the fleshy facial flap look more that the human with hairy legs. I went with the flappy look for this custom. Take a gander to see the final result and LMK what you think.

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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