Monday, October 18, 2010

New Customs - Mighty McSmugglers of Mos Eisley

It's been awhile since I have made a crossover custom, the last one I made was Darth Skeletorious. I recently was inspired to create some again when I saw a real news story about a front group of dumb Hippies advocating the nationwide ban on the sale of Happy Meals. They want to literally ban the Happy Meal, it's even on a local ballot in San Francisco!!! I actually got to witness some of these losers first hand at a local McDonalds. It was quite a pathetic sight to see a first hand view of a "Protest" of a Happy Meal. Seriously people, with all of the problems in the world you chose to spend your energy on ceasing the production on one of the most beloved American staples of child hood? Happy Meals are awesome and bring a lot of joy to kids, sometimes Happy Meal toys are even better than the "real" ones in stores! They rock! To counterbalance the story a little I will throw this out there: Should you feed your kid a Happy Meal everyday? Of course not, the occasional treat is fine but use common sense and most importantly, moderation. Should you ban them? NEVER!!!  Do not blame the Happy Meal for making kids fat, it's called responsible parenting. You make choices in life but in the end you are the architect of your own destiny. (That was the greatest fortune cookie quotes I ever received! It's very true when you think about it...)

So, how does my rant relate to Star Wars customs you ask? Well, I was so annoyed with this story and bearing witness to an actual Happy Meal "protest" that I took my frustration out on my customs. I turned it into funny nerd toy humor. Enter Ronald McAntilles and Grimmacca the purple Wookie! I even created a B-rate photo novel for it!

What if this nonsense took place in a custom galaxy far, far away?  What would happen when Ronald McAntilles & Grimmacca the purple Wookie find a bunch of Deathstick head Hippies protesting at their flagship franchise on Tattooine trying to ban the sale of Smiley Meals? Scroll down to find out...BTW - Click on images to make them large so you can read this craptacular story!!!

As always, comments & questions are always welcome! BTW - Anti Happy Meal hate mail is really welcomed! (I would love to highlight the stupidity of it here.)

On an unrelated note, whatever happened to these McDudes?


  1. I love it! die Hippie scum, now give me a Happy Meal!

    Great work mate.


  2. Hell knoweth no fury like a toy maker deprived of his Happy Meal! Nice work, man!

  3. Dude I just saw this on e-bay and I think its freaking AWESOME! I wish the auction was going better for you. Alas its the way of e-bay at the moment. But this is very creative and HOO hA!! I agree with you. I think its NUTZ that those idiots are trying to ban Happy Meals.

    I'm an adult and at least once a month I still go down and get me one.

  4. PS.. You should check out Also I added a Link to this post on my blog