Wednesday, September 15, 2010

New custom - Marka Ragnos

Marka Ragnos…have you ever heard of him? 

Do not feel bad, neither did I until my closet friend "stocos28" made a superb custom figure of him about a year ago. It was an awesome custom, just like the rest of his work! It was such an awesome custom that another customizer (Who is quite famous for ripping off others work to a "T" and gives no credit where credit is due) copied him. After I received a few requests to make Marka I asked my closet friend stocos28 for his blessing to use his design as a base for mine. I decided to make him a little different and made him look closer to his Sith spirit form where he looks a little more monstery. Actually, he looks a lot like the B-rate Skeletor wannabe Mumm-Ra, the Ever-living!!! Hmmm, did the Dark Horse folks who created him rip off the lame Thundercats antagonist?

(I really look forward to my Thundercat fan hate mail for dissing the embodiment of Ever-living lameness. Look, I really like the Thunderctas but the fact is Mumm-Ra is a really, really lame bad guy. The only main bad guy lamer than him is his reject C-rate cousin from Silverhawks, Mon*Star. 

Ah, I can hear the kitty calls of blasphemy from my inbox!

I suppose I should talk more about Mr. Marka Ragnos's back story instead of ripping into Mumm-Ra and Mon*Star for formalities sake. I really do not know much about Marka Ragnos, or really care, so I will have to refer to his Wookiepedia page and my observations of him from his picture reference. I prefer commenting on the latter because I can make fun of him a lot easier.

So here we go, Marka Ragnos is a super ancient Sith Lord that is so old he does not even have a Lightsaber! He wields a plain old sword, for the Star Wars universe that's really old! He also sports some serious Sith bling around his neck. If that is not enough of a costume overkill take a look at the unwieldy helmet on his lumpy noggin. No wonder why all of those ancient Sith Temples have massive door ways between rooms. Anyway, he is the predecessor to some other obscure and very ancient Sith Lord named Naga Sadow. Naga Sadow is a Sith Magician according to his Wookiepedia profile. When I hear Sith Magician it conjures (no pun intended) an image of Darth Maul in a typical Magician tux pulling an Ewok out of his hat. (BTW - I am actually making Naga next so I can make fun of him.) Who was I writing about, oh yeah, Marka Ragnos. So, Marka Ragnos walked into blah, blah, blah, blah, blah…blah-blah. Marka Ragnos then went on to blah, blah, blah blah-blah blah. The end. Here is my custom:

I had to give him a Lightsaber in addition to a plain sword. Without a Lightsaber, well, he is just another Mumm-Ra wannabe who really just wants to be like Skeletor. So that would make Marka Ragnos even lamer than Mumm-Ra. At least he does not want to be like Mon*Star.

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