Thursday, September 9, 2010

The Little Differences - Agen Kolar and Super Articulated Quinlan Vos

It's been awhile since my last installment of the Little Differences so this one has two very different fixes to make up for lost time. The first one focuses on correcting some minor but important details on Agen Kolar. The second one is how to create a more perfect and articulated Quinlan Vos. So lets get started shall we...

Agen Kolar
There are always those little details missing on some figures that sometimes puzzle us. The recent 2009 Legacy Agen Kolar really improved on the ROTS version by leaps and bounds. The ROTS release was a solid figure for its time but Hasbro went back to upgrade the sculpt and articulation. They gave him a new head sculpt with a ball jointed neck plus they added more articulation to his arms and his legs. Those changes have really brought him up to par with the modern Jedi articulation & sculpts that we are now very accustomed to getting. He is a superb figure but he still has two minor flaws, in my opinion, that prevent him from being a perfect figure. For some reason Hasbro refused to give both versions of him the blue Lightsaber that he wielded in ROTS. After all, both versions versions were based on his appearance in ROTS. Even the back of the 2009 package showed him weilding a blue Lightsaber! For the record, he did wield a green Lightsaber in AOTC so I can see were the confusion came in. This is an easy fix, so there is no need to waste anymore time on that issue. The real flaw on the new Legacy Agen Kolar is his robe skirt, it is too short, it does not match up with both of his brief appearances in the AOTC and ROTS films. This can also a minor fix if you have some extra parts on hand and are willing to do a little dismantling. Do you happen to have an extra Obi-Wan from the superb Resurgence of the Jedi Battle pack? If you do and do not need him, his cloth robe skirt color perfectly matches up with Agen Kolar's robes. It also happens to be the correct length as in the films. All you have to do is just boil some hot water and drop both figures in. When the plastic gets soft just pull them apart and swap skirts then reassemble the figures. Once you are done you can also give him that cloth Obi-Wan cloak and give him a spare blue Lightsaber with the matching handle. Aayla Secura actually comes with a Blue Lightsaber that has the same handle as Agen Kolar's. Here is the end (and more film accurate) result:

Parts needed:
Legacy Agen Kolar
Legacy Resurgence of the Jedi Ob-Wan Kenobi
Blue Lightsaber with same handle as Agen's (several figure came with this style: Aayla Secura, Deluxe ROTS Grievous, etc)

Quinlan Vos
One of the most popular EU comic characters without question is Jedi Master Quilan Vos. He is so popular with fans that he was originally scheduled to appear in a Season 1 episode of Clone Wars but was dropped for some unknown reason. The good news is that he is scheduled to appear in an upcoming episode in Season 3. If that is not enough, you will be pleased to know that he is even getting an animated figure and Galactic Hero figure later this year! In the mainline thus far we have received two figures of him in the comic pack line. The first Quilan Vos came with the much better executed Vilmarh Grahrk figure. This version of Vos was outfitted in his undercover Darkside gear, the figure itself was no home run but it was a decent figure overall. The biggest flaw on it is that it lacks knee and ankle articulation, this really limited the figures greatness. Another yet tolerable flaw was that his robe colors did not match the source material. The robes should have been molded in black and not the gray color Hasbro produced this figure in. The following year we were treated to another Quinlan Vos figure. This time around he did have a lot of improvements from the previous figure. He sported a much better head sculpt, proper Jedi attire and a better color pallet. This figure did reuse the lower tunic (great sculpt BTW so no complaint there) and the same very limited articulated legs. Once again, this is the only aspect that prevented this figure from being great. I still really like this figure, he is much better than the first Quin figure. I did like the sleeveless arm look of the first Quinlan Vos so I decided to make a custom that combined the best aspects of both while adding super articulated legs to overcome the limitation of existing ones. Best of all, this requires no paint just some extra parts! All you have to do is just boil some hot water and drop the figures in. When the plastic gets soft just pull them apart swapping the arms and skirts. Here is the end result:

Parts needed:
30th TAC Quinlan Vos (Arms)
Legacy Quinlan Vos
ROTS Evolutions Darth Maul (Legs)
Saga Screen Scene Eoth Koth Skirt (I cut it down. You can also use other similar colored cloth skirts.)

As you can see the "Little Differences" can make a big difference to your figures! Until next time!

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