Friday, September 24, 2010

Custom Flashback - Vintage Jabba's Throne Repaint (6/2006)

Today's custom flashback is not a figure but a diorama… set. It all depends on your certain point of view on what you consider this item be. Now that the new Vintage line Jabba Throne set has been released it officially renders the 80's one to an outdated status. The vintage 80's version is all we had prior in the line in terms of a Jabba's Throne in the 1/18th scale format. In retrospect, it was kind of surprising that it took Hasbro this long to make a modern version of this iconic piece of SW lore. In the end, it was very much worth the wait, Hasbro's design team did a fantastic job on it! Enough of the compliments on the new one, this post is about the Vintage Throne, which is still a solid piece that was ahead of it's time in terms of sculpting. If you paint it the right way you can really punch out the details of the old sculpt.

I am a huge fan of the Jabba's Palace in ROTJ, so I really wanted to recreate that scene for my collection display. Since Hasbro did not release a modern throne at the time I felt my Ultra Jabba was really missing something. Jabba needed his signature stone seat to command his goons from. In my opinion, Jabba's dais is an extension of the character. Think about it, all this fat space slug did was lounge around, ho-ho, and occasionally bark a few orders at his underlings while stuffing his face with rubbery Muppets. He is basically an intergalactic coach potato. I bought a vintage Jabba Throne off eBay for $12 shipped and once I received it I was reminded of how detailed this toy was. That's one testament to the sculpting of the vehicles and play sets of the vintage Kenner line. When I was a kid I really loved the internal cage area that was filled with the rats, snakes and bones of prisoners past. I knew when I was going to paint this I really wanted to do that area justice. I used the Sideshow Jabba Throne as a reference guide for color accuracy on the fine details. The natural molded colors are really accurate so there is no need for a base paint. After the painting was completed I wanted to add a few more details for more scene accuracy. I used the 2002 Padme Arena chains instead of string, used the Ultra Jabba Hookah/Stand, cut up a dice bag for the throne blanket and threw in some pillows that came with some Charmed figures. Take a look at the end result, I am always interested in your feedback:

I am still in the process of finishing my Jabba Palace shelf display but as I revisit that project I am very much reminded that the old Throne would still work well with it. The new Wal-Mart Jabba is truly the best to date and would still look great on the 80's throne if you prefer that version. 

While this item is no longer in my collection I think it is still worthwhile to share. I know many fans actually still prefer this version. Hopefully it will help inspire you to customize your own. As you can clearly see a little paint can make a huge difference on it!

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  1. Looks great, I have not seen the new jabba's throne here in Canada yet!?


    Can't wait to get my Slobs of Mos Eisley Battle, they are gonna look great in my cantina.

    keep up the great work.