Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Customs - "Store Brand" Sith Lords 2: Rise of the Sith Mimes

I decided to do a sequel to my first "Store Brand" Sith Lords post with some of my more recent generic Darksider customs. Unlike my other batches of Sith Lords, this batch does not have major respiratory issues. There is a catch to this batch however, they are a little heavy on the Sith mime make up! While the Dark side in the Legacy era may be very tempting with all of it's enticing totalitarian power, it really does comes at a high price: You are dyed red and given a lot of "mimeish" tribal tattoos! These Legacy era red florescent fighters are uber sub servant to the cause of the Sith Empire's quest for galactic domination that they are willing to turn into evil red galactic mimes. Everyone hates mimes. Everyone. That really does speak volumes to their principles, it just does not bode well for their wardrobes as they all wear black. They kind of have to, having bright red skin limits your options for the color pallet of your clothing. Lets take a look at this beefy batch of evil (I will end with the two non mime Sith Lords):

Darth Pegwarmious
Based on that alien race of the legendary peg warmer Xizor (He peg warmed horribly in 1996 and on his second run in 2009. You can even still find him on pegs now!) this evil Sith Lord is ready to wait for evil orders from Darth Krayt. He is very patient and is very much used to waiting around.....

Darth Crabbious
Known throughout the galaxy as the most crabby and cynical of Sith Lords, this evil doer is ready to take his bad mood out on the unsuspecting innocent of the galaxy! This front line warrior is heavily armored in an imposing suit of full plate. What most Sith Lords do not know about Darth Crabbious is that he is actually a big softy who loves arts and crafts! He even made his own helmet to go into battle with, the inside lining is made of felt! Legend says that when he was making it it was the only time he was not crabby.

Sith Lord of Darkness v2
Based on my original Sith Lord of Darkness custom, this updated version has a slighly different execution on the head. For this version I used horns that resemble the real Darkness a lot closer than the evil and twisted horns of my first custom. After I finished this custom I realized I forgot to sculpt the ears. I will have to add that next time in my V3 attempt...

Necron, Sith Slayer
This twisted and evil Sith Marauder is the bane to dissidents of the Sith Empire. Sent out to destroy Sith warriors who become a little too ambitious for their Master's tastes, Necron always finds his prey with deadly precision. Having his body severely broken from several battle this Sith Lord is a relentless hunter that will kill his target no matter what. Through the Darkside of the Force he is able to sustain his broken body until his droids repair his body to a functioning vessel.(Like the great Flanneled one I am repeating a similar back story with another character Darth Sion. He is even related to Darth Sion. All Star Wars characters are related to famous ones, it's the rule of the universe!)

Sith Assassin
I am bored of writing bios. The name says it all.

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome! And rest assured more generic JACKOFTRADZE "Store Brand" Sith Lords will grace the blog in a few months in part 3!

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