Friday, June 17, 2011

New Custom - Army of Light Ultimate Lord Hoth

Lord Hoth ROCKS!!!
(He rocks so much that his is my third post on him!)

I cannot say it enough, (even for the third time) that he truly is the most kick ass Jedi ever! You can read my previous in depth entries that really describe the characters greatness here and here. There is no need for me to cover that aspect of the character again, I rather talk about the real world lessons that we can learn from the fictional Lord Hoth. I believe the main reason that this character resonates with me so much is because he encompasses the kind of role model hero that I grew up with. It also happens to be, in my opinion, the kind of role model that is severely lacking in modern society - a principled, testosterone filled leader with a moral compass of what's truly right and wrong. (Again, I know he is a fictional character but you can still be inspired by and relate things in the real world from fictional characters.) In our modern society there is just too much "emo-ness" jive running amok, especially among our so called leaders. There is also too much compromise of principle which to me is the true measure of a man. Lord Hoth is principled, he is decisive and does not compromise for the sake of getting along. He sticks to his guns and you always know where he stands whether you agree with him or not. In the end, you respect him (and people like this) for his resilience and confidence. When it comes to right and wrong, evil in particular, he understands that you cannot negotiate or pacify it, it just needs to be defeated. When he makes a mistakes he does not cry about it or try to apologize for it while sobbing in blubbering pathetic tears. He takes responsibility for his actions by dusting himself off and doing the best he can to correct the error. How refreshing would it be to see more of that kind of leader instead of the now standard "I apologize..." crap? Hopefully some of you will understand the point I was making here and appreciate it for what it was. I won't harp on that any longer and I am now ready to move onto my new custom of Lord Hoth....

I have not made a Lord Hoth custom figure in a long time. When I finished my last one I knew that the next one that I would make would have to be my best. I would not make another one until I gathered the right parts to do him justice making him one of my best customs ever. Well, I saved a lot of parts for a long time and I was finally ready to tackle my personal challenge. This may come off the wrong way but I really could not be any happier with the outcome, I hope you will feel the same way. If you do not you know that I love hate mail so fire away and rip it a new one. Enjoy!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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