Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Blog Battle Rages on....

May marks my 5 year anniversary making customs and this June will be the 1st birthday of my customs blog. With that said I decided to totally revamp the entire Blog to celebrate the events and get my Blog back to regular weekly updates! This wass the longest hiatus I took since I started it a year ago. Due to a lot of personal commitments and an honest lack of energy it's been hard to keep up and stay motivated towards it. After a good kick in the rump from my pal stocos28  I decided to get this Blog back on track in a big way. There will be updates every day this week and twice a week from now on. Here are the most recent updates:

- The look of the entire Blog is no longer in a plain black format. As you can see it has a more galactic space feel to set the right mood!

- The Archives of Awesome page was deleted by accident as I was updating it. With the previous versions demise I decided to entirely rebuild it with new entries, revised figure choices and better quality photos that were previously shown! The 2006-2008 entries will be added later this week.

- All side bar page logos and the main logo have been redesigned to better reflect the content!

Upcoming changes will included:

- New custom figure posts starting tomorrow!

- Look for video to be added to the Jabba's Palace and My Collection pages in the 2 weeks once I update all of the photos on the respective pages!

- Updates to the Valley of shame! (I found some real winners when I was rebuilding the Archives of Awesome.)

- Quarterly Craptacular contests with sweet Star Wars swag!

- More interactive features like Polls, Video and more!

So as you will see there is a lot of stuff coming, I am very much motivated again! A big thanks to all of my loyal followers and readers for helping me make this blog successful! The update wait is over and I want to reward you with some cool swag in the next post...

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