Thursday, April 14, 2011

New Custom - Clone Wars Micro Series Nelvaanian Warrior

Do you remember the very superb Clone Wars micro series that ran 2003-2005? I am sure you do as that series was so well executed and very memorable. A real testament to that series is the fact that we have been given numerous original figures from the episodes. For whatever the reason (Most likely do to the modern CGI CW series) Lucasfilm has put a freeze on Hasbro preventing them from making any new figures from micro series. Despite the Micro CW figure moratorium a Captain Fordo figure somehow managed to slip through and will be coming out this year. Please note that he will be released under another name - "Arc Trooper Commander". That's a pretty clever loophole to get around the ban. There are still several characters from this series that collectors would love to see made, one of them is the Nelvaanian Warrior. In a key episode that literally lead straight into ROTS, Anakin had an important encounter with this alien species that eluded to his fall to the dark side. I was a bit surprised that we did not get an official figure of the  Nelvaanian Warrior to accompany the 2007 Nelvaanian Tattoo Anakin. On a side note, I have been using the Hellboy 2 figure of Wink to stand in for the mutated Nelvaanians in my collection. That figure is actually a pretty good match!

I recently picked up the brand new Thor Movie Frost Giant to use for parts, I was not sure what I would use the body for but I usually find a use for most things I buy for customs. I came across an image of a Nelvaanian Warrior the following day and that instantly sparked a custom idea that would use this body as a base. I had an extra Bothan head laying around that was perfect for this custom, it is pretty close to the actual Nelvaanian Warrior design. As usual I repainted the entire figure giving him a more furry look but I went one step further and made him a swappable robotic arm to somewhat recreate the episode. Granted they got fatter and uglier post experiment but I really intended this custom to look closer to a generic Nelvaanian Warrior as seen in the picture. It was more of an extra accessory. Here is the final result of my first Nelvaanian Warrior:

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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  1. Guess what?

    you just gave a me reason to finally one of those Frost Giants I keep seeing around!

    amazing work on this custom, I love this species