Friday, May 20, 2011

New Custom - Chalmun the Wookie

I love making the many obscure loser characters of the Star Wars universe, so Chalmun the Wookie was a perfect candidate for a custom. If you do not know who he is let me help "edjama-cate" you. Chalmun is the Wookie proprietor of the Mos Eisley Cantina. Not known to many, the cantina is actually named after him. (Chalmun sounds like some kind of fish bait so I guess it's fitting to name a pub something that reminds you of throw up.) He is really, really obscure, more obscure than most I make which really gives him a zero chance of ever being made. Not that anyone is asking for him so nothing lost or nothing gained. As far as I know there are only a few photos that exist of him to base a figure on or get an idea of what he looks like. Those photos were developed in the late 90's so even the few that exist are pretty dated. (It's probably best that he stays in that decades dark corners of things to be forgotten. He are the only two color shots of him that I know of:

I will give some more fun facts on Chalmun before I move on to the custom pictures, I want to torture you some more with useless nerd knowledge. Like most characters in Star Wars he is conveniently related to a main character from the saga. How original. Do you want to guess who he is related to? Yes, he is a distant relative of Chewbacca. What are the chances?.....Really? Must every single character have some relation to the main characters in the movies! Why must this be the case 9 out of 10 characters! Anyway, as far as I know I have never seen a Chalmun custom before, one probably exists but it has not surfaced on the main fan sites. Not that that is important but I do like to occasionally tackle characters that no one else does. Nothing groundbreaking about the custom here but I was really happy with the outcome. I was going to resculpt the hair like the pictures but I liked the idea of a disheveled Wookie running a dirty bar on Tattooine. The old wild west look was too much 90's cheesiness for me to handle. The Sandstorm Chewie head already had a nice drunken Wookie look so just sculpted the mustache. (It looks like he rolled out of the bed after a drunken stooper!) Take a look at and LMK what you think!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!


  1. Love him!! If he goes up for auction tomorrow I will definitely try and get him. I hope I'm on time and my trigger finger is fast enough. If not I may try and make one with the extra Chewbacca I have. You know my email if you want us to just send money through Paypal :)

  2. He looks great! I mad my own Chalmun a few months ago but he does not loom as good as yours....
    i also get back into buy'n stuff from you....missed the last few actions....been busy and well just didn't have the extra cash :(