Friday, March 11, 2011

New custom - Tales of the Jedi Exar Kun

Exar Kun is one of the earliest and most well known EU characters in the Star Wars universe. For years fans lobbied Hasbro for an official figure of this powerful Sith Lord. Exar Kun was one the first customs that ever made, he was also one of my most popular. I made him multiple times over the years with different figure formulas. I stopped making him once the official was finally announced. He was eventually released in the very hard to find final wave of retail comic packs. I have made several characters over the years that eventually got their official figure treatment from Hasbro. I always have liked the official figure more than my own custom, that is until Exar Kun came along. I felt the official figure was a big let down, while he is not a horrible figure he certainly was not worth the very long wait. If you followed the Hasbro Q&A sessions over the years you would know that this comic pack was pushed back for a long time. You can clearly tell when you take a closer look at the sculpting. It appears it was done in the 2007 time period. How can I tell you ask? Lets start with his meat palm mitts, 2007 was a transition period where better sculpted hands became more of the standard norm. (Think about the 30th TAC Mace Windu, Han Gunner, Luke Jedi hands) Now move to Exar's very restrictive chain mail skirt, he can barley move his super articulated legs. (Remember 30th Tac's Mace Windu, Miiyoom and the Rebel Honor Guard?) Now I admit that I could be reading too much into this sculpt but to further support my observation I will add that this figure's overall proportions are really off. His torso is very narrow with no shoulders, the legs/feet are too big and the arms are a tad too long. When you look at the modern sculpting in the last two years Hasbro has really been dead on, just look at he the new Phase 1 Clonetrooper. I will end my harsh critique on a positive note, the head sculpt on Exar Kun is phenomenal! If it had some more deco on it really would highlight how great it is!

I ordered a case of the final comic packs online so I had secured the sets for my personal collection but I knew I wanted to experiment with some of these figures for customs. I looked high and low at retail for them, I only managed to find one extra Exar Kun set. I used all of the parts except the head and shoulder armor. (I used the cape and skirt on my Naga Sadow and used his Lightsaber on this custom Jedi) Recently when I was making a batch of figures I stumbled upon the Exar leftovers and decided to make a worthy Exar Kun figure. While some details are not 100% I think he looks 10 times better than the official figure. I repainted the entire head to bring out the sculpted details to do it justice and I really am happy how it turned out! It was nice to revisit a figure that I made for years, I have a sentimental attachment to the character. Take a look and LMK what you guys think.

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!


  1. Hello, can you help? I'm wanting to make my own Exar Kun and i dont know what parts i should use. Which ones did you use and where did you get them? please email me at

  2. Hi,

    I will try to help, most of my Exar parts were from the very rare figures including the very expensive official Exar Kun figure. Here is the formula:

    Head & Shoulder Armor - Hasbro official Exar Kun
    Torso - Vilmak Grilmar
    Arms & Skirt - Mandalore
    Hands - SDCC Destro (Knight)
    Legs and Cloth Cape - Darth Vader
    Cloth Skirt - Cut down Vintage Senate Palpatine
    Bracers - 2003 CW Anakin
    Saber - 2002 Traing Darth Maul with Random Blue Blades

    Hope that helps!