Wednesday, March 23, 2011

New Custom - Obscure Cantina Patron Tzizvvt "The Bar Fly"

If you ever need to find an obscure Star Wars character look no further than the Mos Eisley Cantina. It's everyone's favorite galactic Muppet drinking hole filled with some of the biggest C-Listers in the Star Wars universe! It's also worth noting that it's home to a lot of D-Listers as well, one of those happens to be Tzizvvt "The Bar Fly". He is a character that is so obscure that you literally have to pause the movie at a specific time frame and squint very hard to even see him! But fear not friends, thanks to that magical thing called the Information Super Highway (otherwise known as the Internet) you can get a clear look at this cheap 70's inspired alien. I have seen some really lame aliens over the years (Star Trek: the Next Generation anyone?) but I consider this one to be "under the bottom of the barrel". Surprisingly, I have seen this guy rank in some of the wish list polls on the various fan sites. He is one character that I actually root against being made because of the sheer stupidity of him. I also do not want to see a slot get wasted on him, save it for someone more deserving like Ackmena!

I had someone contact me on eBay to request that I take a stab at him. Despite my very upfront bias against him, I can honestly say that I was intrigued by the challenge of making him. His timing was perfect as I was looking for new characters to tap into and once I looked at the picture of him I knew exactly how I would execute my custom. It only required two figures (Wisolea and Yavin Rebel Tech) and a lot of sculpting on the head. As I was sculpting the head I decided to give him a special beverage that only a fly would love! I sculpted some Bantha Poodu to top off his glass off with, I felt it completed him. (Plus it rounds out his stupidity!) Take a look at my first Tzizvvt custom , would you want this character in your collection? I still don't!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!


  1. I love this Figure! one of my fave from you yet mate. Great job.

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