Monday, February 28, 2011

New Custom - Armored Sith King of Korriban

Deep in the dark and dank halls of Castle Korriban, the Templar Knights of the Sith order battle each other for control of the Kingdom. The death of their Arch Duke at the hands of Jedi Master Mugglia has thrown the order into chaos. As the leaderless Sith Knights bicker for blood, the towering Cortis hall doors crash open with a thunderous throw of force. Breaking off of their hinges, the huge metal doors crush the lowly alien underlings that were serving delectable ordure's! As the smoke clears and the green goo of underling gore slowly drips down the walls, a being emerges from the center of the doorway darkness. Standing calmly in the archway is the self proclaimed "King of the Sith". His mere presence oozes with raw power and that power is personified with his gleaming armor of DOOM!!! The Templar Knights are all taken back by the show of force but they are more taken back by the shining bling of the armor. Deep in their dark minds they begin to rethink their own duds…(Insert stereotypical suspense music here.)

Is there an actual King of the Sith in SW lore? As far as I know there is not, I just needed to name this custom something that was fitting to his look. This figure is definitely one of my favorite customs that I have ever made! This was an on the fly experiment that came together sporting one of the most pleasing color palettes that I painted on an original custom figure. This analysis is my opinion, so you may disagree with it. It is worth noting that I have made over 2,500 custom figures. This Sith King custom is one of the standouts that I felt deserved a dedicated post. I liked how he turned out  and if you have been following my Blog you know I love making my own original "Store Brand Sith Lords".  I will do a follow up to that post next week on the Templar knights that this King commands. In the mean time take a look and LMK if you think this custom is worthy of the title King of the Sith.

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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  1. That is gorgeous work right there!! I've got to show this one to my son, he would love this one!!