Friday, November 12, 2010

New Customs - He-Man & Beastman SW Crossovers!

Back in June I made my Darth Skeletorious v2 custom figure, I like him so much he is still in my Blog header! He went over very well and the very nice buyer who purchased him really liked him a lot. No surprise, he is a huge Star Wars and MOTU fan so this custom was right up his alley! After receiving the figure he really wanted to add to accompany him with more SW/MOTU crossover figures. I admitted on my Blog that I am not a huge fan of figure commissions, they feel too much like work. I do truly appreciate the requests and confidence but I live a pretty busy life. Adding more "to do's" to my list is something I am less inclined to be open to. That said, this buyer is such a great guy I did not want to say no. I procrastinated but he was very persistent which I truly respect. He was so persistent that after three months of asking I had to make them on principle!

He requested He-Man and Beastman, I wanted to keep the overall Barbarian look for He-Man. I approached this figure like he was as a primitive Warrior who is strong in the Force and gets trained on a remote planet with a stranded Jedi. (I also paid a little homage to the 1987 Dolph Lundgren movie with the cape) For Beastman I used my previous Whipid design but added more of the classic Beastman flare with the Lightwhip from Luminiya. Here are the results, LMK what you think:

Thank you pennyquaz, these were a lot of fun to make!!!

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