Wednesday, November 17, 2010

New Custom - The Toxic Avenger! (Version 2)

It's always interesting seeing things come full circle in life, even when it comes to custom figures. This is my second attempt at making a Toxic Avenger custom 1/18th scale figure. The first one I made was back in May of 2009, it was also the first custom I showcased on my Blog! I always wanted to go back to do another one improving on my first creation. I recently had the perfect excuse to go back and make a superior Toxic Avenger custom when my good friend Eric over at Insidious_Customs asked me to join him in a custom contest over at The contest had an aspect where you could team up with two other customizers to submit your entries together. To complete our team we recruited my other good friend and fellow customizer, stocos28. Our theme was B-Grade Buddies, Toxie was the perfect candidate for this. I kept my original formula in tact but improved on the sculpting and the overall  paint scheme. Take a look at the final result:

The contest ended last night (11/16) and all of the entries are currently being judged by the owners of the site. As I mentioned, Toxie is teaming up with other B-grade characters. stocos28 made In Living Color's "Handi-Man" and Insidious_Customs (Snakeeyes0217) made "Ash" from Evil dead 2. They teamed up to stop a Evil Time-Travelling Tomato! (Does it get more craptacular than that!) Here is a preview pic of our customs together:

In order to view the entire photo comic that Insidious_Customs wrote and created, head on over to here. There are 3 parts to the comic, so be sure to check them out in order to read the entire adventure! If you like Toxie and the team please vote for us! I will keep you all posted to see how we place. Stay tuned!


  1. very the movies , fantastic job on this figure...i want one ;)