Sunday, July 11, 2010

New custom - Cantina Patron Arleil Schous the Deffel

I am always honored when someone asks me to do a commission but to be honest they are a bit of a pain. While I am very appreciative of the request I like to freestyle customize. When I "have to" make something it takes out most of the spontaneity of the hobby and makes it feel like work to me. I am not opposed to commission requests but I prefer not to do them. (I also tend to be slower fulfilling them.) There was one recent request that came in that I was intrigued by, the Deffel from the Mos Eisley Cantina. I never made one before nor have I ever seen one in the custom world. I am 100% sure there are some out there, I just personally have never seen one. I accepted the request and once I looked at some character reference I had an idea on how to execute one.

The perfect base was defiantly Voolvif Monn from the 30th TAC line. I like to keep my customs super articulated so he was a great choice. I had to really rework the head by cutting down the snout and reattaching it. I then I sculpted over it to get a look that was close to the Deffel. If you look at the reference pictures above you will see the SW miniatures card art has a different face and really long arms. I did not like that face but I really liked the long arm look so I went with that. It makes him look like an Monkey-Bat thing and if real life tells us anything it's that a Monkey makes everything more fun! So take a look at the outcome and LMK what you think!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!

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