Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Custom Flashback - Gothika, Sith Witch of Dathomir 9/09

Like, get ready to feel the Darkside and stuff! 

Are you ready to check out a Goth inspired Sith Witch that hates conformity so much she will not even conform to the order of the Sith? I made this custom last year after watching the movie Legend.(Have you noticed I have two customs inspired by that flick?) There is a scene where Lily gets seduced by the Lord of Darkness's evil sorcery. He entices her to wear the dancing dress to bring her into his dark embrace. Once the enchanted dress takes hold of her she gets the appearance of some kind of Hot Topic Goth Bride. I thought that was a good look for a Dathomir Sith Witch so I wanted to make something along those lines. Dathomir is an interesting & vastly unexplored planet home to the vicious Rancor beast. The planet is also home to a clan of Witches who are Force sensitive beings who have enslaved their male population and have become a dominant force on the planet. Wasn't that a plot line from a lousy Nic Cage movie? Basically, these Witches are like the local mall rat Goth girls merged with a Sith. So here is a rendition of one that I made to share with you! I wish I took a shot of her riding the Rancor, the next time I make here I will have to do that.

Like, what do you think? Does she conform too much or does she have real Goth cred? Like, hate mail is welcome!

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