Thursday, July 22, 2010

Custom Flashback - Cad Bane (5/09)

This particular custom flashback may not be the most exciting to many of you as two figures of this character currently exist. But this Cad Bane custom was made the day after his first appearance on the Clone Wars cartoon well before any official figure of him was released. I used what little reference was available at the time and stills from the show to make him. I think he turned out great and this custom was actually spotlighted on the weekend I posted him on eBay. I thought he was cool enough to share and he still stands up as a solid custom. I also needed to update my Blog as I have not posted a lot in the last two weeks. I love this character and I would love to see Hasbro release a realistic style Cad Bane one day. (Hint! Hint!)

 It's worth noting that the new Cad Bane with Pirate Bike is really superior to the standard release. He is much larger, more realistic looking and even more articulated, he passes enough to blend in with your movie style figures. His only downside is he does not have a trench coat.

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