Friday, August 20, 2010

New Custom - The Tonnika Sisters

Out of all of the thousands of Star Wars characters in existence none have the mystique of the Tonnika Sisters. While we know all about their official canon back story from the various official source materials, the true mystery behind them is the flat out ban to ever make official figures of them! This is due to an unexplained Lucasfilm mandate to never make them, no company can. Lucasfilm has budged on a few things over the years that they previously said no to, but they have never given an inch on the Tonnika Sisters. Hell, they never even officially explained why either! There have been various conspiracy theories for the "real" reasons, why, some of them get pretty wild and are all over the fan lore map. What really helps fuel this controversy further is that even Hasbro has to stay mum about the reasons. To their credit, Hasbro has been pretty forthcoming with information on various issues concerning the line. Sometimes they even giving subtle hints but even their lips are tightly sealed when it comes to these two. The Tonnika Sisters constantly win fan choice polls on all of the various fan sites but they are usually disqualified because of the ban. It's kind of crazy when you think about it, I do not know a single collector who would not want to add these two Cantina Patrons to their collection. Some persistent rumors say that it has to do with a likeness & royalty issue. Another rumor is that George Lucas and the two actresses had some strange love affair that broke bad, so the scorned flanneled director vowed to never let them see plastic figure form for his ultimate revenge! Yes, some of the conspiracy theories get that tabloid-esk.

Will we ever see official Tonnika Sisters from Hasbro? I would sure hope so but I can only see them being part of the final wave of SW figures ever released once the line ends one day. They would be the perfect swan song to end the long run of figures. With the way SW sells I do not expect that to come any time soon. So how do you add two of the most iconic and requested patrons of the Muppet Cantina to your collection? Make them yourselves or find customizer that will make them for you! Hint! Hint!

Here is the most recent set of sisters that I made. This set also happens to be the finest set that I have ever made! I will make another set but I will try to do a better job on them as I always do with every custom I make again. Enjoy!

As always your feedback comments and hate mail are welcome!


  1. You just keep perfecting these two.

  2. very cool....wish they would just produce these sisters for us low lives to buy.

    Great blog btw, keep it up.

  3. love the hair and paint jobs, what base did you use for this version? Did you use inks?

  4. P.S.

    I need these everyone else..ha,ha. They look great!