Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Blog update - 100% Collection Room picture over haul!

I have not updated my Collection pictures since March of 2011. There have been massive changes to my collection since then. I have upgraded and literally rebuilt entire key armies to a newer and superior versions of the respective troop builder. As always, new figures, vehicles and even some displays have also been added! I reshot the entire room and replaced every single picture in the page section to reflect my latest set display up.

Some changes include:
  • The phasing out all of my old 2003 era Phase 1 Clonetrooper (Sans some ARCs and the Evolution Clone Pilots). I upgraded my entire Phase 1 army with the new Vintage #45 Clonetrooper! Currently I am up to x55, I will stop around x75. 
  • The Vintage #45 Clonetrooper came with movie accurate two DC-15 guns so I used the leftover ones to upgraded battalions like my x24 Galactic Marines, white CP Galactic Marines, 327th Starcorps, Shocktroopers, Landing Platform clones & Training Clones. 
  • I phased out all of my old AT-RT Drivers with the new Vintage version! 
  • I phased out all of my 30th TAC Tantive BP Stormtooper army of 60 and replaced them with the new Vintage Sandtrooper (sans the gear)! 
  • I phased out all of my old Geonosian Red Battle Droids with the Saga Legends (Small eye) version for consitency! 
  • I created a new hanger bay display that house the new Republic Attack Shuttle, Arc Fighter and more!

Here is a preview of a new set up:

I can go on but it will be more fun for you to look for all of the new details! Enjoy and LMK if you have any questions! WORD!!!

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