Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Custom - Gruk The Gamorrean Rancor Slayer

The new ROTJ wave, in my opinion, is the best wave of SW figures ever! Every single figure in the wave was a home run in terms of detail, articulation and execution. This wave sets the bar without a doubt. (BTW - I just received my case of the AOTC Wave 4 and it also meets that standard, W5 is horrendous.) One of the real standout characters from the ROTJ  wave is the Gamorrean Guard. This figure is absolutely stunning! He is decked out with a lot of weapons, articulation, a soft goods skirt and even a removable helmet. The only flaws that I can find with this figure is that the helmet does not stay on very well and it would have been very easy to add a movable lower jaw. (I expect the latter one day in an updated release!)

I had a few requests to make a custom Gamorrean Gladiator that popped up on the Rebelscum customs forum. It was a simple head slap on a World War Hulk body but it was very clever in concept. There was no paint on it but was an interesting premise nonetheless. I want to give proper credit to XBilly_JackX who came up with the initial idea. I like making my own custom combos but I could not resist making my own rendition of this concept by really going all out on this guy. I repainted the entire figure with a lot of details including glossy clear coat around the snout and mouth to give that gooey look. I also incorporated the soft goods skirt, added spikes/horns to his armor and gave him an axe worthy of a Rancor slayer. Take a look at the final results of my take on this concept Gamorrean:

As always, comments, suggestions and hate mail are welcome here!

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  1. I love this guy! I couldn't afford him when he was up on ebay, I hope you don't mind if i copy him? One of the coolest customs i have seen.