Monday, December 6, 2010

Page Updates: Picture Overhaul on My Collection & Jabba's Palace Display pages!

Get ready for a lot of custom cheer with an Imperial Class Star Destroyer size update to the Blog this month! I will start by updating my two most popular Blog sections: My Collection Room and the Jabba Palace display pages! It's been well over two months since I updated my collection room pictures and with all of the the great product that was released in the last few months (including the superb ROTJ wave) now is the perfect time! There have been a lot of changes to the display shelves including oodles of new figures and vehicles! I also trimmed some figure fat by shedding some outdated figures and upgraded weapons on my favorite troops. Here is a preview of an updated display shelf to entice you:

As usual, I reshot and replaced every single picture on the page! For those of you that view my collection on a regular basis, it really is an entirely new experience for you! The page still features the super large pictures, just click on them and you will be able to view the details up close.

I also added a lot of detail and figures to my Jabba Palace display page including giving it plenty of green pork! Here is a quick preview:

Enjoy these updates, there will be a lot more updates coming this week!!!

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  1. Cool, will check them out....I need a jabba's palace dio oh so bad.